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Continuing Education Workshops for Pilates & Barre Instructors

We run regular Pilates & movement workshops throughout the year. Some are designed for the general public while others are specifically geared towards Pilates & barre instructors.

Click here for details of workshops for the general public (many of these are useful for instructors as well as clients).

Otherwise, read on below to find out what we have coming up specifically for Pilates & barre instructors.  


Friday 13th May to Sunday 15th May, 2022

In our 3 day Barre 2.0 Teacher Training Workshop, you'll learn the Barre 2.0 teaching format & repertoire plus class design & programming. Exercises will be demonstrated, discussed & practiced with a strong focus on helping you develop the practical skills you'll need to become a successful Barre instructor. 

Each participant will receive detailed course manuals, online choreography videos and access to our online instructor community. 

After the weekend, you'll receive continued support in your journey towards Barre Instructor certification as you complete in-studio self-practice, observation & assistant teaching to prepare for your final certification exam.

Workshop hours are Friday 12-6pm, Saturday 10am-5pm & Sunday 9am-5pm.

For full course requirements and details, please visit


1 - 5pm Sunday 6th March, 2022

This​ workshop has options for live online or in-studio attendance (choose your preferred option on our booking page).  

Learn how to safely manage clients with Long COVID symptoms in the Pilates studio environment. 

This 4 hour workshop, written by Senior Polestar Pilates Educator Elizabeth Wilson, collates the most up-to-date knowledge we have on exercise-based approaches for Long COVID recovery.  

Learn red flags to be aware of, and how to screen clients for contraindications & precautions that affect safe programming. Review fatigue management strategies so you can confidently pitch your classes at an appropriate intensity. Cover repertoire ideas for a wide range of Long COVID symptoms including breathing dysfunction, autonomic dysregulation, brain fog and more. Enhance neurological recovery with interventions to promote neuroplastic change. 

10-30% of clients infected with COVID currently develop Long COVID symptoms. This workshop will empower you to support them in their safe recovery.

Cost $200. Limited places available so bookings are essential. Click here to secure your place now!

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