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Perth Pregnancy Pilates Programs: As Unique As You

Support for your body through pregnancy, birth & beyond.

Enjoy a healthy pregnancy, an easier labour & a quick recovery with pregnancy & post-natal Pilates at The Perth Pilates Studio. We're not just your average pilates studio offering pregnancy classes. We pioneered specialist pregnancy Pilates in Perth & most instructors in Perth have completed their pregnancy training with us.

We help busy mums & mums-to-be build healthy, strong, fit bodies. Yes, we've completed advanced ante-natal training (we actually wrote Australia's first pregnancy Pilates training), but we've also been where you are now: the changes in body shape, the pelvic instability, the dodgy pelvic floor, the abdominal separations, all of it.

We know what it takes to have a healthy pregnancy & rebuild your body afterwards. Our personalised private & semi-private studio Pilates lessons are tailored to you, every step of the way through your pregnancy and post-natal recovery.

Pregnancy Pilates is our passion.

Pregnancy Pilates Perth | Post-Natal Pilates Perth | Diastasis Recovery Perth

How Do I Start Pregnancy Pilates?

We recommend private & semi-private studio Pilates lessons during pregnancy (see our Pregnancy Pilates FAQ to find out why).

If you're new to the studio, start with our Introductory Studio Offer. This includes 2 private Pilates lessons (valued at $270), personalised pregnancy program design and 3 semi-private Pilates lessons for just $189. Purchase your offer, book your first private appointment online then let us take care of the rest. 

If you're an existing client who's newly pregnant, congratulations! Please read our Pregnancy Pilates FAQ for information on how & when you'll need to modify your sessions. 

Try A Pregnancy Pilates Class At Home

Want to experience our style of teaching? Try a pregnancy Pilates mat class at home with this 40 minute workout from Studio Director Elizabeth Wilson. 

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