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Clinical Pilates Perth

Studio Pilates in Perth
(also known as Clinical Pilates)

Studio Pilates lessons (aka clinical Pilates) are highly personalised Pilates classes. They are taught one on one or in semi-private lessons with 1-4 students per instructor. 

The sessions combine exercises on specially designed Pilates equipment with mat repertoire to give you a uniquely tailored workout. 

Studio Pilates is ideal for injury management, athletic enhancement & to address specific individual needs. If your doctor has referred you to Pilates at The Perth Pilates Studio for rehabilitation, it's likely they had studio Pilates lessons in mind. 

All new clients to the studio must complete 1-2 private lessons before joining semi-private lessons. This allows us to perform an assessment of your current level and personalise an initial program to suit your needs. 

If you're new to the studio, we recommend starting with our Introductory Studio Offer. This includes 2 private Pilates lessons (valued at $230), personalised Pilates program design and 2 weeks of semi-private Pilates lessons for just $189. Book your first private appointment online then let us take care of the rest. 

"The closest thing you'll get to the perfect workout."  - ELLE Magazine

Studio Pilates Perth | Clinical Pilates Perth | Private Pilates Lessons

Learn More About The Differences Between Studio & Group Pilates


To learn more, you might like to watch this video that our Studio Director, Elizabeth Wilson, filmed for Efit30 a few years ago. Note that this video was filmed prior to group reformer classes commencing in Perth so reformer classes are not discussed.