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Pilates Teacher Training in Perth & Barre Instructor Courses in Perth


The Perth Pilates Studio is widely regarded as one of Australia's leading venues for Pilates teacher training, barre instructor certification and continuing education for fitness professionals. 

Whether you're looking for a complete career change, or want to further develop your Pilates or barre teaching skills, we have training options to suit you.  

Scroll down to find out more about our courses or click here to access a list of our favourite online instructor's resources. 

"Liz is able to explain things so that all learning styles benefit. Love the laughter and relaxed learning, yet we cover a LOT!"

 Polestar Pilates Course Student Feedback

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Polestar Pilates Teacher Training


Studio Director Elizabeth Wilson is an internationally recognised educator for Polestar Pilates International, one of the world's leading Pilates teacher training organisations. 

In Australia, Polestar provides government accredited Diploma & Certificate IV qualifications for aspiring Pilates teachers. 

Polestar trained instructors complete some of the most comprehensive training available in the Pilates method & are in great demand worldwide.

For full information on Polestar courses, visit the Polestar Pilates Australia website. Course enquiries should be directed to Polestar's head office (email education@polestarpilates.com.au).


Barre 2.0 Barre Instructor Courses


Love barre and want to become a teacher? 

The Barre 2.0 Teacher Training Course is one of the most comprehensive barre instructor certifications available world wide. It's a program specifically designed to produce exceptional graduates. 

Graduates qualify as Certified Barre Instructors (able to teach Barre 2.0 and general barre classes) and Certified "Beyond the Barre" Instructors (able to teach barre style classes even in venues with no barres).

With detailed manuals, online resources & personalised support along the way, Barre 2.0 guarantees a positive learning experience as you journey towards your qualification. 

Visit www.barre2point0.com to view full course details & upcoming dates.


Continuing Education for Pilates & Barre Instructors


The Perth Pilates Studio runs regular continuing education workshops for Pilates and Barre professionals to upgrade & update their skills.

Visit our "Workshops & Events" page for details of upcoming short workshops & masterclasses.

Polestar Pilates Australia also offers 1 & 2 day continuing education workshops at the studio. Details of these courses can be found at www.polestarpilates.edu.au

Note that enquiries & registrations for courses on the Polestar website should go directly to Polestar's head office (email info@polestarpilates.com.au).

All other course registrations and enquiries can be sent directly to The Perth Pilates Studio (email info@perthpilatesstudio.com). 


Resources for Pilates & Barre Instructors


Are you an instructor wanting to learn more about a teaching topic but not sure where to find the information you need? 

Visit our resources page to find a detailed list of our favourite books, blogs, videos, online trainings, research articles and more!

If you have a favourite resource we haven't listed please share it with us by emailing info@perthpilatesstudio.com.